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PortaPeel PP1000 - Hydrafacial Machine

 "The PortaPeel goes where you go!"

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ImageMicroDerm, Inc. is proud to introduce the PortaPeel PP1000. The PP1000 was designed to be extremely portable and just as effective as a crystal and diamond microdermabrasion table top unit. Weighing only 16lbs, the PP1000 is one of the lightest microdermabrasion machine on the market today. The PP1000 is perfect for technicians on the go. The sleek design and superior performance of the PP1000 offers the power, reliability and durability every professional desires, and at the same time is economically priced. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A, the PP1000 comes standard with ImageMicroDerm’s Platinum Lifetime Warranty.

• The Portapeel PP1000 features:
• 1 Medical Grade Diamond Tip (additional tips are available)
• Hydramist Sprayer • Training Manual / User's Guide
• Medical Grade • Easy Maintenance • Whisper Quiet
• Vacuum Control • Uniform Crystal Projection

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