The BioXFusion is a new and innovative serum infusion device. Exfoliate, infuse serums, stimulate collagen, and perform LED light therapy at the same time with a powerful, portable serum infusion unit unlike anything on the market!

Micro 1

The Micro 1 is perfect for technicians looking to go back to the basics of microdermabrasion. The Micro 1 is simplified, preforming precision crystal or diamond microdermabrasion treatments and also offers the power, reliability and durability that every professional desires.

Diamantech DT400

The Diamantech is a must have, diamond only device, for any skin care professional who is looking for a new, revolutionary approach to skin care through years of proven results.

Portapeel PP1000

The PP1000 is powerful, reliable, and one of the lightest weighing crystal and diamond microdermabrasion devices on the market today! This device is perfect for on the go technicians, or for stationary spa use.

Portapeel PP2000

The PP2000, while similar to the PP1000, has TWO crystal chambers. With its added efficiency, this device is perfect if you are looking to be able to perform microdermabrasion with two types of grits during each treatment.

Propeel 800

The Propeel 800 is a powerful crystal and diamond microdermabrasion unit, built on a custom made trolley. This unit is great for high-traffic spas, salons, and dermatology offices, just to name a few!

UPeel MD600D

The MD600D is a dual chamber crystal device that is accompanied by 3 medical grade diamond tips. Powerful and efficient, this device is a great addition to any business and will exceed your clients expectations.
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