BioXFusion Serum Infusion Device

ImageMicroDerm is proud to introduce the NEW and innovative
BioXFusion Serum Infusion Device!
Exfoliate, infuse serums, stimulate collagen, and perform LED light therapy at the same time with a powerful, portable serum infusion unit unlike anything on the market!

The BioXFusion combines the benefits of medical grade hydrating infusion technology and medical grade dual LED light therapy for a fraction of the price. The combination not only produces incredible results, but also provides the technician with a portable or table top unit capable of multiple uses and medical grade procedures. The BioXFusion houses an extremely powerful and quiet 3/4 horsepower piston driven motor encased in a highly durable DUROFLEX body that will never dent or oxidize.

The BioXFusion MD features two fluid chambers which allows the technician to switch from one fluid to another while performing a treatment. The BioXFusion Mini comes equipped with one fluid chamber. Each chamber can be filled with a variety of water based medicated solutions to treat any skin condition and the BioXfusion is safe to use on all skin types.

Separate handpieces are available for the technician to perform dry, diamond only procedures if he or she chooses. ImageMicroDerm equips each BioXFusion with 2 patent pending medical grade stainless steel tips. One for collagen stimulation, and one for a mild exfoliation, along with 3 serums. These serums are Lighting (made with licorice extract), Plumping (made with hyaluronic acid) and Vitamin C (made with citrus extract.) All serums are made with natural ingrediants. The purchase of any product or unit from ImageMicroDerm comes with 24/7 customer support. The BioXFusion is designed and made in the USA and comes with ImageMicroDerm's Lifetime Warranty.

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